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Loan Calculator

Compute your estimated monthly loan payment based on your total loan amount and average interest rate and term. Simply enter your estimated loan amount in the appropriate box below (do not use commas). Estimated monthly loan payments will appear instantly.

NOTE: Average interest rate and term are indicated. To enter a different rate or term, simply click in the appropriate box and enter a new figure. Your monthly loan payments based on the new figures will appear instantly.


The results represented in this calculation are estimates only and should be used only as a reference. They do not represent your actual monthly payment. Please consult with your Wells Fargo Practice Finance Officer for detailed information about your specific loan request.

All practice financing is subject to credit approval. Business Refinance Program is for business term debt only. Revolving credit and existing Wells Fargo Practice Finance debt are not eligible for consolidation.

The tools and calculators on the Wells Fargo Practice Finance Website are provided for educational and illustrative purposes only. The accuracy of the calculations and their applicability to your circumstances are not guaranteed. Such tools and calculators are provided with the understanding that Wells Fargo is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, tax or other professional advice. As such, they should not be used as a substitute for consultation with accounting, tax, legal or other professional advisors.

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Tax Benefits

To learn how you can take advantage of the tax benefits associated with equipment purchases, contact your CPA or financial advisor.